Far Eastern New Century wins multiple awards, makes football kits for 2022 World Cup

Far Eastern New Century wins multiple awards, makes football kits for 2022 World Cup

Far Eastern New Century announces extraordinary achievements in the promotion of a circular economy by winning both the 2022 ISPO Textrends and ITMF awards.

Besides the recycling of used PET bottles and polyester waste from land and ocean sources, the FENC has expanded its sustainability solutions into the recycling of industrial waste gas, a solution branded as FENC® TOPGREEN® Bio3.

Recognized by the ISPO Textrends 2022 “Best Product” and ITMF 2022 AWARDS, the FENC® TOPGREEN® Bio3 solution was the world’s first fabric made from recycled waste. The fabric is completely eco-friendly, made possible by the incorporation of the FEFC Nylon66 Solution dye technology.

In the ISPO Textrends Accelerated Eco Category FENC also saw the FENC® TOPGREEN® rTEX awarded as Top Ten Product for its 100% recycled Textile Waste polyester. All materials come from pre-consumer waste apparel and shoes re-processed to generate 100% recycled polyester yarn with double-sided application use.

In the ISPO Textrends Selection, the FENC® Eco-Hybrids lamination and FENC® Body Thermostat were recognized as Selection product solutions. The FENC® Eco-Hybrids lamination can achieve high functionality, breathability, waterproofing and maintains FENC sustainability goals.

The FENC® Body Thermos, another ISPO Textrends Selection product solution can seamlessly balance between the body and external environment temperature, achieving warmth and breathability at the same time to provide a more comfortable experience for everyday use.

As a pioneer in textile innovation and sustainability, it is Far Eastern New Century's global responsibility to contribute to growth and development in a sustainable manner. In 2022, FENC Knitting and Dyeing SBU collaborated with Adidas to expand the use of ocean recycled product solutions and materials in sportswear for major international events.

For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the collaboration between FENC Knitting & Dyeing SBU and Adidas combined the use of ocean recycled yarn and recycled polyester filament to achieve a unique airflow design enhancing aerodynamics and facilitating maximum comfort.

This collaboration was applied to nine national team kits, including Germany, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Wales, Colombia, Chile, and other national teams in the qualifying rounds. The strength of the fabric adheres strictly to bursting tests and actual strenuous wear tests by the players bringing multiple benefits to enhanced performance.

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