Cement - the Building Block of Taiwan's Economy

Cement - the Building Block of Taiwan's Economy

In the 1960s, Founder Y.Z. Hsu realized the importance of the cement business in urbanlization of a country. He then founded ACC, supplying fundamental materials for all major constructions in Taiwan, to be instrumental in Taiwan's economic development. Many of Taiwan's landmarks and major constructions were grounded in ACC's effort, including the Grand Hotel, Taiwan's ten major construction projects, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Systems...etc.

The construction industry is an engine for economic development and the cement business the cornerstone of the construction industry. In the last 50 years, Asia Cement Corporation (ACC) has helped modernize Taiwan, promoting prosperity in the society and culture that we now know today.

Asia Cement’s Administration Building in Hualien

In the 1960s, when Taiwan’s economy would take flight, the government pushed successively for critical infrastructure construction projects in transportation such as railways, highways, airports, and harbors. Far Eastern Group’s Founder, Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu, realized the importance of the cement business in a country that was developing so rapidly. Thus, he founded ACC in 1957. The company began supplying the fundamental materials for all major construction in Taiwan, and became instrumental in Taiwan’s economic development.

From the countryside to cities, from levees to dams, Asia Cement has been working hand-in-hand with Taiwan’s government to lay the foundation for the future. Many of Taiwan’s landmarks and major construction projects were grounded in Asia Cement’s efforts. These achievements include the Chunghua Market, the Grand Hotel, the Sungshan Airport expansion, Taiwan’s ten major construction projects, Taipei Jianguo Elevated Expressway, Taichung Power Plant, Taipei Metropolitan Rapid Transit System, and Taiwan High Speed Rail, for example. 

Besides the building of Taiwan’s infrastructure, Asia Cement is also focused on environmental protection. Comparing the company’s first-generation plant in Hsinchu on Taiwan’s West Coast to its second-generation plant in Hualien on the East Coast, major improvements have been established in the newer plant’s eco-friendliness. In addition, to the significant steps made in its deployment of eco-friendly equipment, it has also made it a priority to re-plant vegetation in the mining areas. With abundant new foliage, the plant is transformed into a beautiful park and nature reserve. ACC’s efforts in protecting the environment have set the benchmark in Taiwan’s cement industry and provided a better working environment for ACC staff and visitors, thus establishing it as a business model for both economic development and environmental protection.

In 1980, Asia Cement introduced the “Coastal Marine Shipping” method, shipping cement by vessels to wharves around Taiwan. This innovation reduced the cost of shipping in Taiwan and additionally, expanded the company’s reach to extend to Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, Hawaii, and the Middle East. Using this business model, the company has gradually achieved its goal of “keeping its roots in Taiwan, and striving for world excellence.” Based on its eco-friendly concepts and competitive advantages, ACC has also expanded its business with China, and successfully replicated the coastal marine shipping method there, setting wharves along Yangtze River, to reduce costs and raise its competitive edge. 

In its first year, Asia Cement China produced 260,000 tons of cement, and production has increased today to 14 million tons. It supplies the construction needs for major cities in the central and western areas of China and assisted in humanitarian causes, such as the rebuilding of Szechuan province after the devastating 2008 earthquake. 

Cement is an indispensible building block of urban development. ACC is one of many a community’s unsung heroes helping cities realize dreams and move its future forward.

Asia Cement (China) Jianxi plant 

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