FEG has won five GVM CSR awards, No.1 in number of awards won in Taiwan Conglomerates

FEG has won five GVM CSR awards, No.1 in number of awards won in Taiwan Conglomerates

Far Eastern Group (FEG) won five awards in Global Views Magazine (GVM) CSR and ESG Award this year, ranking first in the whole Taiwan conglomerates. Douglas Hsu, the parent of the group, attended the award ceremony in person on May 3 and received the award on behalf of Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC).

Douglas Hsu said that FEG has long been committed to the balanced development of E (environment), s (Society) and G (Governance), actively communicated with all stakeholders, and quickly responded to changes in the business environment under the highest specifications of sustainable governance framework. Grasp new opportunities, create new models, and pursue win-win and common prosperity of the enterprise, society and environment.

FENC which received the first prize of this circular sustainability group and the model award of the traditional industry, has been deeply involved in the recycling industry for more than 30 years. With the advantages of continuous integration and cross domain technical cooperation in the polyester industry, in addition to recycling bottles and polyester waste from land and sea, it has also invested in industrial waste gas recycling and reprocessing technology to comprehensively build green technologies for "land", "sea" and "air" waste recycling and reprocessing. In 2021, FENC became the first polyester manufacturer in the world to recycle waste gas from steel mills into recycled yarn. It cooperated with yoga clothing brand lululemon, fast fashion brand Zara and biotechnology company Lanzatech to open a new sustainability development direction for the industry. In addition, FENC has also continued to increase the application scope of green products; in addition to clothing, shoe materials, beverage bottles and household products, it has also turned its technology to more difficult industrial fiber material areas. In cooperation with German tire company Continental, in order to promote recycled economy, after more than two years of research and development, it published the world's first automobile tire made of recycled PET bottles in 2021, In the future, it will also expand the application of recycled special bottles to well-known building block toy brands to accelerate the goal of environmental sustainability. Through recycling and reproduction, FENC contributed 580,000 tCO2e in carbon reduction in 2021, equivalent to about 58,000 hectares of forest carbon absorption, or about 320,000 households' carbon emission from power use in a year.

Far EasTone Telecommunication (FET) actively promotes digital transformation, by combining 5G with BIG DATA + AI + IoT, cloud and information security core technologies, to achieve energy-saving and carbon reduction through AI and 5G network construction and optimization, base station bandwidth mixing technology, etc. The annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 138 Da'an forest parks, and assisted government units in introducing innovative applications such as smart street lamp management system, smart energy management system and 5G remote diagnosis and treatment, reducing 24,871 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. In addition, FET takes social co-prosperous, digital inclusion and environmental education as the public welfare main themes. According to statistics, the cumulative impact on students, the public and vulnerable groups from 2016 to 2021 reached 5.52 million person times. In order to expand its influence, FET has actively promoted the strategic partnership of suppliers, connected 300 upstream and downstream suppliers to form a “sustainability vanguard", combined with its core expertise to help organizations and groups lacking resources. At the same time, through the supplier sustainability selection mechanism and the annual supplier conference, it has enhanced the awareness of the sustainability of the industrial chain. In 2022, FET just issued the first 2.7 billion yuan "social responsibility bond" in Taiwan's telecommunications industry, showing the public the sustainable commitment to the co-prosperity with the society and winning the affirmation of the model award of telecommunications industry.

Although FE SOGO Department Stores (FE SOGO) is not a listed company, it has independently issued CSR Reports for 8 consecutive years. In spite of the haze of the epidemic in 2021, the company still shared the surplus with the employees, increased the salary for the colleagues by 4%, and made efforts to build a reassuring store and protect the stakeholders. FE SOGO is the first department store in Taiwan to provide vaccine incentives to employees. Employees can get a total of NT$2,500 of digital coupons for three doses of vaccine. Therefore, the application rate of the three doses is higher than the average in Taiwan. FE SOGO also provides customers with exclusive comprehensive epidemic prevention guidelines for the Department Store Industry, which has become an industry benchmark. At the same time, we have developed a business model of online to offline access (OMO) to assist counter suppliers, so as to return more than 20% of the performance of the stores. In addition, FE SOGO has linked its supply chain to promote the "new food utility era". By the end of last year, more than 95% of the restaurants in FE SOGO Taiwan were green restaurants. It has also developed a sustainable business selection project and launched a campaign of "SOGO sustain. good things, good choices" sustainable products to provide customers with a one-stop green consumption experience. FE SOGO also held the "epidemic prevention cooking competition" for two consecutive years to promote healthy diet for the family under the epidemic situation, so it won the model award for general service industry.

Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls (BigCity) promotes the three major goals of hot blood donation, liver disease prevention and treatment, and health for all ages with "community health big value-added" project to create influential public welfare value. Since 2017, it has gathered the strength of more than 50 partner groups, held 177 blood donation activities, and collected more than 23,000 bags of blood. From 2018 to 2021, we sponsored Good Liver Foundation to hold health care lectures, provided large-scale free liver screening services ahead of shopping malls, and completed the inspection of 1,336 people in 3 hours. In addition, BigCity pioneered a cross generational exchange public welfare space BBC Sanheyuan project, which enriched the life of happy retired people with various course and lectures, opened public spaces for schools at all levels for achievements exhibitions. The annual baby crawling series activities also attracted more than 2,400 babies. Since 2018, more than 300 events and nearly 60,000 people have participated in health promotion activities for all ages and won the model award of the public welfare promotion group.

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