U-Ming's 7,750 DWT Eco-Cement Carrier

U-Ming's 7,750 DWT Eco-Cement Carrier "Asia Cement No.9" Delivered

U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation (2606), a distinguished entity within the Far Eastern Group's conglomerate of nine listed companies, has successfully overseen the construction of the eco-friendly 7,750 DWT cement carrier named "M.V. Asia Cement No. 9." This remarkable vessel was meticulously crafted at the Royal Bodewes shipyard in the Netherlands, a testament to U-Ming's commitment to innovation and sustainability in maritime transport. Today, on April 9th, amidst a gathering at the Delfzijl Harbor in Groningen, the Netherlands, a momentous christening and delivery ceremony marked the official debut of this vessel. Asia Cement No. 9 formally joining the U-Ming fleet, the total fleet capacity reaches 72 vessels, with total deadweight of 8.77 million tons, making it the largest bulk shipping company in Taiwan. The ceremony, graced by Mr. Douglas Tong Hsu, Chairman of the Far Eastern Group, and Mrs. Catharina Martens, esteemed wife of Mr. Jan Martens, proprietor of Belgium's renowned Martens Brewery, commemorated this significant milestone. Mrs. Martens, as the Guest of Honor, bestowed upon the vessel the traditional christening rites. The event garnered the presence of numerous esteemed business associates and distinguished guests, underscoring the significance of this occasion.

(from left to right) : Mr CK Ong, President of U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation, Mr Jan Martens, Proprietor of Martens Brewery, Mrs Catharina Martens , Wife of Mr Jan Martens  & Sponsor Lady for MV Asia Cement No. 9, Mr Douglas Jefferson Hsu, Executive Vice President of U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation, Mr Douglas Hsu, Chairman of the Far Eastern Group and Ms Tonia HSU, Director of Far Eastern New Century

M.V. Asia Cement No. 9 stands at an impressive length of 114.99 meters, with a breadth of 15.8 meters, and a notable carrying capacity of 7,750 tons. This vessel represents a pivotal addition to U-Ming's fleet, being the first newly constructed cement carrier in nearly two decades. It is intended to succeed its predecessor, the "Asia Cement No. 1," which has faithfully served the company since its inception. Launched in 1980, M.V. Asia Cement No. 1 not only marked U-Ming's inaugural cement carrier but also symbolized the company's pioneering spirit in vessel ownership. Initially tasked with the transportation of cement for Asia Cement Corporation as part of the "East Cement, West Transport" initiative, it traversed ports from Hualien to various destinations across Taiwan. After over four decades of unwavering service, the Asia Cement No. 1 will gracefully retire, making way for the advent of the more environmentally sustainable and efficient Asia Cement No. 9.

The vessel incorporates cutting-edge design elements, including an X-Bow streamlined design aimed at reducing resistance, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. In terms of navigation safety, it boasts FURUNO's advanced AR Navigation System, providing precise navigation information. Additionally, U-Ming has integrated its proprietary Fleet Safety Management (FSM) system, offering real-time vessel position monitoring and safety alerts, thereby bolstering overall safety protocols. With regards to cement loading and unloading operations, the vessel features an electronic control system developed by Asia Cement, augmenting automation and facilitating subsequent maintenance. The power system is anchored by a Wartsila 6L32 main engine compliant with IMO Tier II standards, coupled with variable pitch propellers to optimize vessel manoeuvrability and power efficiency. Moreover, the vessel is outfitted with shaft generators and shore power capabilities, contributing to fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions, thereby furthering energy efficiency objectives.

In alignment with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) ambitious target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, U-Ming is steadfast in its commitment to environmental stewardship, as evidenced by its fleet renewal program. By replacing aging, energy-intensive vessels with environmentally friendly counterparts, U-Ming not only mitigates carbon emissions but also enhances operational efficiency. Presently, an impressive 94% of U-Ming's fleet comprises eco-friendly vessels, significantly surpassing the industry average of 37%. Moreover, boasting an average vessel age of 5.8 years, notably younger than the bulk carrier market average of 12.1 years, U-Ming's fleet underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability and operational excellence. Recognizing the imperative of sustainable practices, U-Ming is poised to embark on a corporate AI transformation initiative, ensuring its continued leadership in a competitive marketplace.

U-Ming places a paramount emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, manifesting in its robust corporate initiatives. In 2023, U-Ming formally aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), underscoring its dedication to transparent climate-related financial reporting. Furthermore, its unwavering commitment to ESG principles has garnered notable recognition, including inclusion in the FTSE4Good Taiwan Index and acknowledgment as one of Taiwan's "Best-in-Class 100" companies by the Taiwan Institute of Directors. Noteworthy accolades such as the "Platinum Award for Sustainability Reporting" and the "Top 100 Sustainable Taiwanese Companies Award" from the TAISE (Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy) further underscore U-Ming's exemplary performance in sustainability. Moreover, U-Ming's steadfast commitment to employee welfare has earned it prestigious accolades, including the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia," "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awards," "Digital Transformation Awards," and “Most Caring Company Awards” reaffirming its status as a trailblazer in fostering a conducive work environment. Additionally, U-Ming's unwavering commitment to workplace health and safety has been recognized with the Excellence Enterprise Award for Workplace Sustainable Health and Safety by the Ministry of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, MOL, further solidifying its standing as a beacon of excellence in sustainable workforce practices.

Presently, U-Ming commands a fleet comprising Capesize, Panamax, Post Panamax, Ultramax bulk carriers, Cement Carriers, Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs), Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC), and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV), including 4 x LNG dual-fuel bulk carriers. With a total fleet of 72 vessels and a total deadweight of 8.77 million tons, U-Ming stands as a stalwart in the maritime industry. Bolstering its global footprint, U-Ming maintains overseas subsidiaries in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Xiamen, China.

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