Chiahui Power Corporation
Chiahui Power Corporation

Petrochemical and Energy

Chiahui Power Corporation

Provides a clean, efficient and safe electric power.


Chiahui Power Plant built a high efficiency, low pollution, high quality and high safety gas combined cycle power generation in coordination with the government policy of using clean energy to generate power to support the domestic demand in power supply.

Main Service

Chiahui Power in coordination with UN SDGs

SDGs 7.3 - Combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) with the advantages of high efficiency, low pollution, high quality and high level of safety were used.
SDGs 8.8 - "Occupational Health and Safety" has always been  high valued  in Chiahui Power, since April 1, 2009, till present time, no accident occurred in the facility.
SDGs 9.4 - Building a safe, clean and reliable power generation plant to provide reliable electricity to our citizen


To be a Powerful Support

Chiahui phase II is 510 MW, with a total investment of NT$10.5 billion. It is expected that the operation will be started in 2020Q4. At that time, the total capacity of phase I and phase II will reach 1180 MW, becoming the largest private natural gas power plant in Taiwan.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of Chiahui Power Corporation can be found in ACC Sustainabililty Report.

ACC Sustainability Report

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