Oriental Union Chemical Corporation
Oriental Union Chemical Corporation

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Oriental Union Chemical Corporation

A World-class of Material Chemicals in the Industry.


OUCC uses primarily polyester derivatives, ethylene glycol and ethylene oxide, with its specialty chemical products used extensively in the construction, medical, optoelectronics, and retail-product sectors. The AI-based smart management systems that now help OUCC meet diverse international demands have helped the company become a top global producer of chemical materials. Currently it has factories in Taiwan and Yangchou, China.

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In 1975, the Taiwan government invited FEG and U.S. company Union Carbide to establish Oriental Union Chemical Corporation (OUCC). In 1982, the Government moved in favor of trade liberalization, and allowed ethylene glycol (EG) to be imported to Taiwan. Union Carbide withdrew its investment in OUCC after evaluations. Despite all these obstacles during the period, OUCC did not fall, but weathered the storm and grew. It is now the major petrochemical force within FEG.

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OUCC has changed from a supplier of general raw materials to the development of high value-added specialty chemicals, explores potential demands in various fields, and expands the multi-faceted practicality of products thereof.

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Zero Accident, Zero Injury, Zero Pollution

OUCC is committed to becoming a green enterprise in conformity to the goal of sustainable energy development and the global energy regulations, and have made “zero accident, zero injury, and zero pollution” our goal. 


Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) Management


Transformation to the New Blue Ocean

OUCC has derived nearly 400 products from a single raw material. It is also Taiwan's first company to capture carbon and convert it into semiconductor-grade carbon dioxide. Now, it wants to become the "carbon department store"



OUCC 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting

Owing to the global capacity launched in 2021, coupled with the unsteady supply of ethylene resulting in the soaring prices, the EG operation performed less than expected; whereas the specialty chemicals and gas businesses, with dynamic rebooting in favor of persistent implementation in high value and green products, both hit the record highs in revenues and earnings. 



OUCC shall ceaselessly march towards sustainability in pursuit of prosperity while join hands with industrial supply chains and community partners to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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