The Tainan President Won the

The Tainan President Won the "National Outstanding Manager Award"

        With outstanding performance, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Tainan Zhou Lihua president have become the only SME president in Taiwan's hotel industry to win the "national outstanding manager Award" issued by the Enterprise Manager Association of the Republic of China, a consortium legal person, and become a model for the industry to follow and learn.

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan during COVID-19, showed resilience in the face of crisis, through customer segmentation services, consolidating customer loyalty, developing new customers with innovative products, providing employees with a secure environment for employment, and setting a new record of employee turnover since the opening of the hotel.

        Zhou Lihua president said: "It's a great honor to receive this recognition. Thank the owner Far Eastern Group for its support! In the face of the epidemic challenge, especially the unprecedented operation crisis during the three-level alert period in Taiwan, our most important task is to calm the anxiety of employees first, let the team partners work at ease, focus on understanding the needs of customers, and constantly test the market and survive. This is what we can do in this The slow down of the epidemic situation in Turkey is an important factor for the immediate recovery of performance and even exceeding the expected goal! "

        Shangri la hotel group appointed Zhou Lihua as the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Tainan president in August 2019, setting a record for the first Taiwanese female professional manager to ascend the highest rank of international five-star chain hotels. Since taking office, Zhou president has adhered to the original intention of "people-oriented, flexible, insight into the market, creating demand" and "happy enterprise", committed to using the advantages of International Hotel platform to integrate local resources and digital marketing, and achieved many impressive achievements:

  1.         "Success in talent cultivation" won domestic and international competitions, including the finals of the "World Chocolate competition" held in Florence, Italy in 2019. Among more than 2000 finalists, it is the only award-winning five-star international hotel in Taiwan, winning the silver medal for Taiwan!
  2.         Promote the concept of "eating in the land", personally lead the team to visit local agricultural products, such as pineapple, mango, Wendan, water chestnut, flax and lice fish farms, and make a positive contribution to local economic development by purchasing local food materials. And ensure that every link of the supply chain adheres to the principles of respecting nature, protecting community interests and improving quality.
  3.         Quickly grasp the changes of market and consumption trends. The catering marketing strategy is different from the traditional operation. In addition to launching online goodies and listing new products every week, it makes shopping more diversified and interesting. In terms of catering, the revenue grew against the trend during the Spring Festival, up to more than 410 million yuan, a new high in the past 10 years.
  4.         Invest in "culture and art promotion" and actively promote different industry cooperation. For example, jointly host Tainan Art Expo, with more than 8500 visitors in four days, successfully create the highest total visitor record, and contribute to tourism consumption and culture and art promotion in Tainan. In addition, cooperate with Taiwan's original animation "kitten Buckley" to develop a project to create theme family rooms, It is loved by many customers.
  5.         It is committed to "environmental protection promotion" and invites long-term customers to make a contribution to the earth. In addition to caring for the earth and reducing waste, it also saves millions of yuan in the cost of consumable products for the hotel every year. Due to its efforts in environmental protection, it launched a successful housing special case. The hotel obtained the environmental protection administration environmental protection seal certification in 2020.
  6.         Implement the "corporate social responsibility", regularly hold blood donation activities, breast cancer prevention and health examination activities in October, beach cleaning, respond to the "Earth Hour" launched by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), adopt vulnerable children and other public welfare activities, so as to fully demonstrate the hotel's positive support for social responsibility.
  7.         With Tainan's hospitable hospitality, create a "warm" check-in experience, so that far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Tainan can stand firm during the epidemic. In addition to consolidating the basic plate of business customers, we launched a housing project in combination with the three foods of cherry roast duck, which is the favorite of Chinese people, to break through the situation and achieve the housing performance goal.
  8.         The "two cities strategy" cooperates with sister hotels in Taipei to expand customer sources, actively develop star products, lengthen the sales front, create topics and enhance the corporate image.

        Adhering to an open-minded style and high enthusiasm, Zhou Lihua president showed courage, quickly adjusted his business strategy under the severe epidemic situation, continued to create a new situation with a positive and forward-looking vision, and continued to stabilize the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, the tallest building in Tainan, with the goal of surpassing the expected experience of every guest through refinement, customization and localization, Tainan's market position.

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