FEPH Tainan leads the industry in Taiwan and obtains the GTS Green Travel Seal

FEPH Tainan leads the industry in Taiwan and obtains the GTS Green Travel Seal

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to sustainable development and green initiatives. For four consecutive years, it has been honored with the prestigious "Green Hotel Label" by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan. More recently, it has garnered international acclaim by receiving the "GTS Green Travel Seal Two-Star Certification." This remarkable achievement solidifies its position as the sole international five-star hotel in Taiwan to attain four certifications, underscoring its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The "GTS Green Travel Seal," established by the Dutch non-profit organization "Green Destinations B.V." (GD B.V), is designed to align with the principles of global sustainable tourism. This labeling system offers a comprehensive framework comprising 12 principles and 67 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It serves as a tool for organizations to assess the environmental friendliness of their operations, uphold local characteristics, and ensure sustainability for future generations. In Taiwan, GD B.V collaborates with the Taiwan Sustainable Travel Association to advance in green tourism destinations in Taiwan. Together, they provide industry guidance and support through initiatives such as the Good Travel Guide website, aimed at promoting sustainable practices and enhancing the overall sustainability of Taiwan's tourism sector.


President Zhou Lihua of Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan, expressed profound gratitude for the honor bestowed upon the hotel with the two-star certification upon its inaugural application for the GTS Green Travel Label certification. This achievement signifies a significant milestone in the hotel's short-term objectives, particularly in areas such as governance, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Despite the challenges encountered in recent years, President Zhou emphasized the unwavering commitment of the hotel to sustainable management practices. 。

In 2023, the hotel took a significant step forward by establishing an "ESG Committee." This committee convenes biannually to meticulously review implementation outcomes, devise strategies, and chart future courses of action. By synergizing local and hotel resources, the committee focuses on embedding sustainable practices into operational frameworks and customer experience activities, thereby ensuring both sustainable operations and profitability.

Upon receiving this honor, Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan, reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship by participating in the "Earth Hour" event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Joining over 18,000 iconic landmarks across 192 countries, the hotel aims to raise awareness about global warming. During the event, scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on March 23, the hotel will enact measures to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes switching off all non-essential internal and external lighting. Additionally, some lighting areas will be subtly dimmed or replaced with safety candles, ensuring visibility while minimizing energy consumption. Through this action, the hotel seeks to inspire the public to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Simultaneously, the hotel introduces a "plastic-free and environmentally friendly" accommodation package, aimed at promoting sustainable practices among guests. Encouraging consumers to opt for reusable alternatives, such as toothbrushes, shower caps, combs, and eco-friendly bath sets, the package emphasizes minimizing single-use plastics. Furthermore, guests who opt for this package and choose to forgo room cleaning and linen changes during their stay will receive additional incentives. Breakfast is not included for double occupancy, with rates starting from NT$3,927 per night. This initiative not only aligns with the hotel's commitment to environmental sustainability but also empowers guests to make eco-conscious choices during their stay.

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