Reopening of OSC Kaohsiung Office after Relocation

Reopening of OSC Kaohsiung Office after Relocation

The era of digital finance is upon us, leading to a gradual shift in the investment and financial habits of Taiwanese citizens. Oriental Securities Corporation (OSC) is also actively undergoing digital transformation, developing new products, and enhancing services. This includes introducing online securities and credit account opening services, as well as regular investment plans for Taiwanese stocks. Simultaneously, the Company's storefronts are being renovated, providing investors with a new experience and high-quality services.

Among these efforts, the new official website was launched in May. It features a fresh and lively style, with a smooth and user-friendly interface. Various business locations are also undergoing renovations. The first to debut is the Kaohsiung Office, which will relocate to the 9th floor of Kaohsiung SOGO Department Store in August. 

Harnessing Digital Technology for Easier Investment and Financial Management!

Amid the digital wave, the demographic of Taiwanese stock investors is becoming increasingly youthful. The Taiwan Stock Exchange has pointed out that the number of account holders below the age of 40 has grown by 860,000 over the past three years, reaching a cumulative total of 3.94 million by 2022. Due to the high level of digitalization among the younger population, who are accustomed to online account opening and trading, OSC has been actively engaging in digital transformation in recent years.

In 2021, in collaboration with Bankee of FEIB, OSC launched an all-in-one online "So Easy Account Opening" service which enables individuals to open securities accounts 24 hours a day through the Internet, eliminating the need for in-person applications. The process is straightforward, with securities and settlement account opening completed in as little as 30 minutes, allowing for trading as soon as the next day. Later in the same year, an online credit account opening service was introduced, providing investors with the ability to enhance their trading capabilities through margin trading, thereby offering more flexibility in investment operations.

此外,近年來國內掀起海外投資風潮,2022 年全台複委託成交量達 3.7 兆元台幣,複委託累計開戶數達 380 萬戶,故亞東證券今年下半年將與專營海外市場的遠智證券合作,以滿足客戶買賣海外有價證券、複委託服務的需求。

Furthermore, there has been a growing trend of domestic investors exploring overseas investment opportunities. In 2022, the total trading volume of complex delegated orders in Taiwan reached NT$3.7 trillion, with a cumulative total of 3.8 million accounts opened for this purpose. As a response, OSC is collaborating with Far Eastern International Securities Company Ltd., which specializes in overseas markets, in the latter half of this year. This partnership aims to cater to the needs of clients for trading overseas securities and complex delegated order services.

Promoting Inclusive Finance: Investing with Small Amounts

In recent years, there has been a prevalent investment trend in Taiwan, with many individuals starting to invest in stocks and ETFs. However, the financial markets have been rife with black swan and gray rhino events, causing significant volatility in the stock market and making it more challenging to time investments accurately. Moreover, most people struggle with behavioral biases, often chasing the market at highs and selling stocks at lows, leading to less favorable outcomes, or they may hesitate to invest during market downturns, missing out on opportunities to position themselves favorably in quality companies.

To address these challenges, utilizing a systematic investment approach through regular investment plans can be beneficial. This approach can help reduce investment costs and risks while achieving steady returns. Therefore, in 2022, OSC introduced a service for regular investment plans in Taiwanese stocks. This service carefully selects 88 high-quality investment targets and establishes a user-friendly trading platform. With a minimum threshold of 1,000 NTD per transaction, investors can engage in regular investments in Taiwanese stocks. Over the long term, disciplined investing through regular investment plans can lead to substantial and steady accumulation of assets, allowing investors to enjoy a rewarding growth trajectory.

Revamped Company Front: Offering Enhanced Quality Services

Established in 1979, OSC has been operating for 44 years, steadfastly progressing and managing with integrity and prudence. Even amidst a competitive environment, the Company continues to demonstrate a determined commitment to positive change. In addition to digital transformation, developing new products, and providing customer incentives, the decision to revamp the Company's storefront has been made. This includes both the official website and physical office locations, presenting a completely new appearance and elevating service quality.

Especially in the digital age, a company's official website serves as a vital indicator of its image. Therefore, OSC launched a comprehensive redesign of its official website on May 3rd this year. Departing from the previously perceived dull and static impression, the new website showcases a fresh and vibrant style. The user interface is seamless and user-friendly, promising an entirely novel experience for investors.

Furthermore, the Company's headquarters moved to the Baiyang Building in Banqiao District in 2019, creating a new image for its flagship store and providing employees with a clean and bright workspace, thereby boosting morale. The Kaohsiung office is also undergoing renovation and will relocate from its original location at 260 Zhongshan 2nd Road, Qianzhen District, to the 9th floor of Kaohsiung SOGO Department Store at 217 San Duo 3rd Road. The official opening is scheduled for August 7th.

Impacted by heightened inflation and the Federal Reserve's strong interest rate hikes, the stock market began to reverse its course and decline in 2022. Trading volume on the Taiwan Stock Exchange notably contracted, leading to a sharp reduction in brokerage fee income. Despite the challenging operating environment, OSC remains committed to a mindset of business innovation, providing the highest-quality services and diverse products. The Company aims to be the optimal financial partner for investors.

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