Ding Ding Management Consultant Corp.
Ding Ding Management Consultant Corp.

Telecom and Technology

Ding Ding Management Consultant Corp.

Committed to promoting the digitization of FEG enterprises


DDMC has Information Business Department, Business Consulting Department, Management Department and Telecommunication Department to be responsible relevant system development and maintenance for FEG.

Main Service

DDMC Information Division is committed to promoting the digitization of FEG enterprises, keeping abreast of the trend, meeting customers' information needs in a forward-looking and all-round way, and ensuring that resources and equipment for data processing and electronic data communication are fully utilized and customers can have a competitive advantage among peers. In addition, DDMC also actively cooperates with well-known information industries at home and abroad to improve technical capabilities and introduce new solutions, in order to provide better services to FEG.


DDMC's products include "Department store operation system", "Enterprises Smart Management Platform APP", "CARMEN Fast Car Plate Recognition Software"...etc.

Product List (Chinese)


DDMC provides the following services:  "Parkpay Parking Service Platform", "Set up and maintenance service for SAP ERP", "Digital solution and platform service"...etc.

Service List (Chinese)

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