Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd.
Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd.

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Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd.

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Building on smart-tech foundations, FETC implements and operates the world’s first distance-based tolling system in Taiwan. Digitized data analysis capabilities have streamlined highway transportation and significantly advanced the domestic utilization of intelligent transportation systems and promoted smart parking services, which has further developed the vehicle economy.

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新商模、新服務 遠通電收開啟新局

New Business Model and New Service

As early as 2006, FETC integrated telecommunications, information, transportation, finance and other technologies, established the national highway frequency-based electronic toll collection (ETC), pioneered the "contactless service" of national highway toll collection, and further launched the national highway full-line distance toll collection in 2014, helping Taiwan become the first country in the world to fully adopt electronic toll collection in the national highway system.


臺灣ETC落地泰國 最快2025年完工

Taiwan ETC Sets Feet in Thailand

FETC cooperates with Thailand BGSR consortium to build a new "M6 / M81 expressway ". FETC would provide the innovative ETC system and assist in the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of traffic control system. It is expected to effectively solve the long-standing traffic jam in Thailand through intelligent technology.



Protect Road Safety

With the goal of road safety, FETC will take care of vulnerable traffic users such as the elderly, children, bicycles and motorcyclists. 



Zero Contact Services for Drivers

uTagGO of FETCi has joined hands with many operators to promote comprehensive zero contact driving service. From eTag smart parking, food, film and entertainment to remote learning video devices.



Sharing the Path of Digital Transformation

FETC was invited to Commonwealth Economic Forum to share how FETC has transformed from being controversial to becoming the unique pride of Taiwan by focusing on digital transformation of personal services, making Taiwan the first area in the world to implement comprehensive ETC, and even exporting the system to Southeast Asian countries.


FETC Tops up Donation for Road Safety

FETC made a donation promise at Taipei National Highway Marathon by donating NT$1 in road safety for every kilometer that participants run.


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