Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Petrochemical and Energy

Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Production and sales of PTA.


To secure PTA supplies for polyester, OPTC operates PTA plants in both Taiwan and Mainland China. The current 2.75 million ton production capacity will be significantly increased once the the world’s largest PTA/PET streamlined production facility at Texas comes online.

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An Industry Leader with Advantages of Vertical Integration

In 1995, FEG entered into a joint venture “Far Eastern Brunner Mond & Co.” with British firm Brunner Mond & Co. (ICI) for the production of PTA, another key raw material in the production of polyester. The Group acquired all shares in this joint venture in 2008, and renamed it “Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Corporation”. Furthermore, FEG tapped China's fast-growing polyester market by investing in the wholly owned subsidiary “Oriental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation”, and began PTA production in 2006. The total production capacity of PTA for FEG across Strait reached 2.75 million ton and will be significantly increased  once the the world’s largest PTA/PET streamlined production facility at Texas comes online.

Initiating the Future of AI

Kuanyin No.2 plant of OPTC implemented the industry 4.0 system during the plant establishment. Taking the smart system platform as the core, it extended VR training, smart digital inspection, intelligent logistic management, safety and energy digital dashboard, and monitoring wall system of production site, etc. for a new intelligent chemical plant.



Construction of Biogas Generator

OPTC Plant 2 is building a biogas power generator utilizes biogas generated from the anaerobic wastewater treatment within the plant. By the end of 2023, additional 2,400 kW capacity from biogas generator will be ready to go.



Demonstrating Focus on Water Resources at OPTC by Attending Water Campaigns

OPTC cares about how water resources are utilized and dedicated to its corporate social responsibility by committing to water recycling and reuse, increasing water recycling rate, and taking part in community campaigns on water resources conservation.

OPTC‘s Water Reclamation Contract      Beach cleaning 


OPSC turned waste into treasure

OPSC finally concluded the used palladium on carbon (Pd/C) catalyst recycling project. The project reduced nearly NT$4.3 million worth of inventory, turned waste into treasure and brought in NT$260 million in revenue.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of Oriental Petrochemical Corporation can be found in the Sustainability Report of FENC.

FENC Sustainability Report

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