Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology
Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology


Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology

Creativity, Consideration, Communication and Cooperation


AEUST takes information and communication, health care and textile industry as the main development fields and will continue to develop as the industrial applied university with the combination of technology and humanities, innovation and quality, professional and general knowledge, theory and practice.

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To be a top practical University of science and technology

AEUST shall continue to connect with Tpark to cultivate scientific and technological talents after it was renamed University of science and technology. At the same time, it would continue to optimize the campus environment with the enterprise spirit of "taking it from the society and using it for the society", so that the school could show its characteristics different from other universities.



The only private Technology University won 2021 Future Tech Award

AEUST was given the Future Teach Award hosted by four ministries with project of Immersive Virtual Reality Emergency Care Situation Simulation System.


緊貼產業脈動  顯示技職優勢

Close to the industrial pulse, show the school advantages

Thanks to the diversified industrial resources of FEG, AEUST has three distinctive fields: Information and communication technology, health care, and textile industry.



MOU signed with UniMAP

Universiti Malaysia Perlis has 11 institutes and most of them are engineering institutes. It is believed that the international competitiveness of the students will be enhanced through the diversified academic exchange.


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