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Yuan Ze University

A high-quality university with international reputation and focusing at innovative teaching and key R&D, aims to own a sustainable campus embracing innovation, diversity, Intelligence and humanity.


YZU is the first in Taiwan awarded with National Quality Award and to have highest ratio of English-instructed courses. To embrace the new trend of digital wave, YZU is promoting new bilingual program that all bachelor students are required to take programing languages course. YZU is ranked at the same level in Business and Economics area with University of Oregon, University of North Carolina at Charlotte in U.S. by Times Higher Education Ranking.

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聚焦五力 培育新世代人才

Five forces to cultivate new generation talents

Universities have the function and responsibility of education. Apart from teaching students professional knowledge and making them competitive in the workplace, what‘s more, they should have more sufficient ability and attitude to face the complex and changeable future. Key cultivation points of YZU: digitalization, cross domain power, creativity, global mobility, public participation




EMBA course is the Top1 in private schools

EMBA at YZU is ranked as the most preferred private university in Cheers magazine’s survey on the most popular EMBA courses among 3000 enterprises.



FENC and YZU Set Up Digital EMBA Course

This course is customized for FEG with eight modules. It covers all levels of operation and management, and comprehensively expands the vision of managers. In terms of teachers, it also recruits professionals from industry, university and research institute to learn from industry benchmarks and explore classic cases, so as to inject external thinking into the group.




Smart Medical Biotechnology Maker Platform

The platform will take C.L.A.P, the teaching core of YZU, School of Medicine and Nursing, as the four main axes (C: cell therapy and regenerative medicine, L: longevity medicine and telemedicine, A: artificial intelligence and engineering, P: precision medicine). It will hold regular thematic forums to share the latest research and development trends and achievements, and provide open and innovative space for manufacturers to show various smart medical solutions.




A new YZU-ECE Remote Monitor of temperature

The Professors from College of Electrical and Communication Engineering also join and set up a temperature- monitoring installment to assist in measuring temperature.




Graduate School of Medicine

YZU and FEMH apply for the establishment of Medicine and Nursing College, and the graduate school of Medicine has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit students from next year.



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